The Boutique Hotel in Lucerne's Old Town.

Welcome to the Hotel Restaurant zum Weissen Kreuz, with its 500 years of history, in the pulsating heart of Lucerne. Located directly on the lively banks of the River Reuss and next to the historic town hall, our hotel combines modern lifestyle with deep-rooted tradition.

As the oldest surviving inn in Lucerne, proudly bearing its name since 1742, we are witnesses to a rich past dating back to the Middle Ages. Experience the flair of Lucerne's most popular promenade, where modern life and historical beauty harmoniously coalesce. You will be delighted by the immediate proximity to the best shopping addresses, first-class restaurants and the famous Chapel Bridge. 

For us, the adult world takes centre stage: A retreat without children and pets that promises peace and relaxation in a spirited environment. Enjoy the nightlife, feast in the city's finest restaurants and let Lucerne's unique atmosphere captivate you. 

We invite you to be part of our extraordinary tradition, in an ambience characterised by centuries of hospitality. 

Best location in the old town of Lucerne.

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